Episode 188 - Hello Darkness My Old Friend

November 11, 2016

WHAT THE FUCK AMERICA!?  Look, I love a good joke too, but this isn't funny anymore!  We recap the election of Donald "No Puppet" Trump as our next President of the United States.  What will happen next, and where do we go from here?  


Episode 187 - The End?

November 6, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: America is completely fucked!  We run down this week's election chaos, and then make our final prediction on the outcome.  Hint: Start digging a bunker immediately.  Unless I wake up next Wednesday morning to Bobby Ewing in my shower (that's an 80's TV reference from the show Dallas for you kids), then I'll finally have complete proof that there is no God.


Episode 186 - We’re Experiencing Electoral Difficulties

October 31, 2016

After multiple audio issues we were able to cobble this fucker together.  Eric promotes a fantastic documentary, Michael talks about the yellow menace, and then we hold hands and Thelma & Louise ourselves off a fucking cliff. 


Episode 185 - Trump And Putin Sitting In A Tree

October 23, 2016

Are you ready for the after election party?  You better bring your bulletproof vest and kevlar helmet cause shit might get real.  Yes, we spend another week talking mostly about Trump and Hillary, but remember there's only 2 weeks to go.  #Duterte2020


Episode 184 - Taking A Wikileak On Our Parade

October 15, 2016

As Trump has a massive meltdown, doing his best to hand this election to the Democrats with a big red fucking bow on it, here comes Crooked Hillary.  Seriously, what the actual fuck?  I'll be in the shower with an SOS pad if you need me.


Episode 183 - Trump-Clinton 2: Electric Boogaloo

October 10, 2016

Yep, they had another debate and we're all over it like Trump's hand on an unassuming vagina.  So if you want to hear analysis that keeps it real unlike the bullshit on CNN then you've got it.  


Episode 182 - Go Away, Debatin’

September 29, 2016

We're one step closer to Idiocracy, and to prove it we allowed Boggs to join us once again.  We spend the whole show discussing the debate, aside from when Boggs was trying to derail us by shitting on the Black Lives Matter movement.  I can't wait for that Kaine/Pence debate... who's with me?


Episode 181 - The 4 Year Anniversary Show: Retro Edition

September 20, 2016

A week late, but fuck it cause we do what we want.  We don't really do anything different aside from bringing back something very special from the past...  This motherfucker may be on life-support, but we weren't going out without patting ourselves on the back for making it another year.


Episode 180 - Brad Smash!

September 6, 2016

On this leg of Brad's world tour of mass destruction, he takes on Eric in an MMA cage match.  Then we briefly talk about why you shouldn't visit the Philippines, and whose death did Michael celebrate this week.   Good luck getting through this one.


Episode 179 - Old Man Yells At Cloud

August 30, 2016

Listen this week as Michael and Brad argue over music.  Then Michael and Brad argue about political correctness.  Then find out if Brad just said "fuck it all" and quit the show.  Peace out to the Tragically Hip... even if they're no Coheed and Cambria!


Episode 178 - Bigger Douche? Ryan Lochte Or Julian Assange

August 23, 2016

Thank sweet baby Jesus that the Olympics are finally over!  Now if we can just get through this fucking election without anymore staffers being murdered... This week we bring back an actual segment, Brad talks sports, and are you ready for the October surprise?  Also, why is everything gay according to Brad?


Episode 177 - Something About Immortality Or Whatever

August 16, 2016

It's another fun-time show after another week off, mostly because Brad is a cunt.  We discuss all the Olympic events that we haven't cared to actually watch, while shitting on Rio.  Then we praise the great Trump, and then talk about immortality and incest.  Suck it!


Episode 176 - Trainwreck Convention

August 2, 2016

After a week off while Michael said "Fuck it all, I'm going on vacation!", the boys are back to discuss the conventions.  With so many topics and so little time you'd think we could focus for once, but we swerve all over the road like drunks texting.  Lube up for this one.


Episode 175 - Fuck All With Breast Cancer

July 19, 2016

What the fuck is going on in the world?  The boys discuss more racism, more terror attacks, and the plague known as Pokemon Go.  Michael doubles down on his race relations ideals, and then we talk about the goddamn election.  Never trust a porn star!


Episode 174 - The Great Kansas Orgy

July 12, 2016

Warning: This a is a lengthy and serious show about the recent deaths of black men by police, and the Dallas police shootings.  Michael and Brad will definitely piss you off with their opinions, and they make Eric look like the next MLK.  Plus fuck everything because we're all doomed!


Episode 173 - America, At Least We’re Not Brazil

July 5, 2016

Another week where we don't really discuss the election or politics in general, and it feels so good, like sex without a condom.  The Olympics are around the corner, and we talk about what a flaming shit sandwich it should turn out to be.  Then we tell you all about the 4th of July, and which housing markets not to invest in.  Let's go swimming!


Episode 172 Part 2 - Game Of Fucking Thrones

June 28, 2016

Do you like listening to 3 idiots talk about your favorite show and make predictions? We recap the season, excluding the final episode since we recorded before it aired.  Brad finally gets interested in the show for a change.  #Hodor #RaveOfThrones


Episode 172 Part 1 - Make England Great Again

June 28, 2016

In part 1 of this epic podcast, your boys discuss Eric's deviant sex life.  We talk about Brexit, after we Google it like most Brits did after they voted on it.  Then Michael warns you bastards once again about the animal uprising.  Ignore him at your own peril!


Episode 171 - The Adventures Of Pretentious Penis And Mooseknuckle

June 21, 2016

Another week, another hand-crafted piece of audio gold for you the listener.  Michael does his yearly good deed, and tells you all about it.  We discuss this week's filibuster, and what the hell is going on in the animal kingdom?  Also Brad proposes getting drunk on Zimas and throwing sandwiches at homeless people.   


Episode 170 - Bullets Over Broadway

June 14, 2016

Yet again your boys discuss a mass shooting, only the worst one to date, but there's always next week.  Brad is pissed because his healer is a fucking failure and can't learn the goddamn fight after 3 months.  So of course he takes it out on that poor Stanford rapist.  Michael decides to join an ABR forum, and we round out the show with animal talk.  #FuckTheNRA