The Intellectual Saviors

Origin Of The Intellectual Saviors

November 8, 2015

The Intellectual Saviors podcast consists of three men that consider themselves to be fearless truth-tellers, in what can only be defined as a vast wasteland of humanity. They are high-minded, progressive voices that have decided to use their powers for good, even if they weren't asked. With logic and reason as their guide, they enlighten the masses with their blatantly honest, and mostly vulgar, opinions.

Many days ago, in August of 2012, two long-time friends, Michael and Eric, were sitting around complaining about the world around them, and all the cruel injustices people endured daily. After a handful of beers, a suggestion was floated about how they might make a difference. A blog, YouTube show, or possibly a public access television program was mentioned as mediums. These were all great ideas, but no one reads anymore so a blog was ruled out immediately. The fear of being featured and ridiculed on Tosh.0 quickly ruled out a YouTube show, and public access TV is fucking stupid. That left the only one medium worthy of their time… podcasting. They could espouse their views without having to filter them, or wear pants, as they derided the system.

Within a few weeks the duo had added a member, the semi-talented Boggs, who had equal beliefs and an intellect that was good enough. Most importantly he had all the recording equipment necessary to produce a subpar broadcast. After a few more beers, and about fifteen minutes of preparation, the first podcast was recorded on September 9th, 2012. The sound quality was mediocre, the content rushed and constrained, and yet there was still an indication of immense talent. With a few tweaks and time they knew this show could change the world.

Addendum: On September 21st, 2015 original member, and consistent show buzz-kill, Boggs decided to leave the show to pursue his musical career.  Also, he wanted to take a shot at gay porn after much practice behind many back-alley dumpsters. However the show decided that they would fight through the loss by getting drunk and celebrating, and of course adding a new member, the great Bradley.  With the new addition the podcast decided to make a slight shift from somewhat serious to full on sarcasm.  They still fight for the downtrodden and against the injustices that plague the world, but with a lot more dick and fart jokes.